Sunday, February 10, 2013

Worth It

Oh Darling Dear
Of course you love him
And of course he's worth it
If you decide he's worth it
And yes Dear Darling
They can think whatever they want
Of course you'll shrug your shoulders
And say its none of their business 
Because does it really matter 
If he sleeps with with those other boys
While you've been chased to the couch
He is worth it if you say so, of course
And he loves you even if he doesn't make love anymore
And of course it hurts you 
That's understandable my dear
And of course you don't care that he is with him tonight
But wouldn't it be nice if he'd stop in 
And at least kiss you goodnight
Like he used to
Yes he is worth it even when he's a jerk
And he's worth it even when he's drunk 
And tells you he secretly you're still the only girl for him 
And he's worth it when it's just the two of you
And you feel like things might go back 
To the way they used to be when it was only you and he
Of course he is worth it
Because you are not stupid 
My Darling Dear you are not
And you know exactly what is going on 
And you know exactly how bad it looks
And you know exactly how much they will all talk
Behind your back like the cowards they are 
And you are so very, very brave 
And you still love him even more than that
So when you say he is worth it 
Worth it all to you
I'll respect your decisions and know you're an adult
And you know better than anyone else
What is good and worth it to you
Especially much better then they do
So of course he is worth it
As long as you say so 
Until you stop saying so 
My Darling Friend
My Dear

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