Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Eagle and What It Taught Us

Step down  
And fall from blazing vaults star crusted and cold
As the air gets thicker with emotions and muddied thoughts 
Cast off the divine perspective 
Take a moment to stop
Stop looking at the big picture 
And focus on the small people in the photographs  instead
Now further 
And dive into the depths of the dark undercurrents moving the pieces
Found in the two small circles called his eyes and her eyes
Into the shadow that she and he are not even aware of 
The silent place on the other side of words when conversations die
Take on this poisoned perspective 
That you know is unhealthy and wrong 
Don't forgive him or her 
Allow the undercurrents of ice to take you
Sweep you off your feet 
Give up control
As they carry you out to sea 
And then rise 
Take wing again 
Emerge from the ocean 
Water trailing from your glistening wing tips
Eleven trails of rain that follow you
Each drop from the ocean floor
Glistens in the sunlight like a diamond 
And rise through columns of daylight and cloud
Flickering with sunlight and water like the Phoenix reborn 
Ascend through the crack in the sky you made 
When you plummeted comet like into the sea
Return to your halls of adamante 
unlock the gates of horn and ivory 
And sit once more on your throne 
Take in the whole picture, past and future 
And let the world become small in your eyes again 
But remember 
Remember the thickness of the air
And how the swallows of the evening star had flown in your wake 
Remember the plunge and the shock of the water 
Remember their eyes and the shadows within 
Remember their humanity as you gaze from your tower 
And if you should ever forget 
You know how to recall being human
Simply take a step down 
Take the step up

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