Monday, February 11, 2013

Mishmash Battle Cry

After I left you tonight
I went back
To each place we were before
Retraced our steps
Where I held the door
Where you laughed at a joke
Where we both almost tripped
Where I gave you my coat 
And where we both just sat and cried 
I drove back past the mansion
But stopped in the cemetery
And thought the same thoughts
I had thought on my second time through it all
Here I could have said it
Or there started the talk
The words I'd like to think
Are burning a hole in my tongue
Except that's not really true
In fact if we were to talk now
I'm still not sure what I'd say
Or if I'm afraid of what you'd do
Or if I would even really mean
Half the things out of my mouth
If I would just lie to you
And in the end lie to myself
I said I'd see this through and I will
As far as I can go
A distant wall of fog clouds my mind
And the future goes only till so
So sail onward we shall on this voyage 
And hope daybreak and landfall is near
Hope no shoals or storms or hidden things
Hide in that mists just waiting
Hope in hope and that's just dandy
But a sailor needs more than a sentiment
So "Onward and inward!" become my battle cry
Let loose the colors and sound the drums
Onward and inward to the worlds end
Lets hope it's a circle with a gentle bend 

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