Friday, February 22, 2013

What Time Is This

What time is it?
Time to run out and find the second hands 
Does it even matter that we are waking a line 
Counting down on a timer
If only I was talking about life and not something so much more painful 
Because annuals bloom annually
And taxes ruin each April flower
While the grains of sand keep dancing down 
And some things die too quickly now
What year is it? 
It feels like its been 1969 for far too long 
And the new moon is beginning to get kinda old
This feeling isn't really mine 
I and you, we are not really in time
Fallen through the cracks we dance in the starry space 
Between seconds and years and inches and lightyears
We sing in the silence and think not of tomorrow 
Because when we crash through the ceiling again 
And fall into the floor
Fall in time again 
We will feel it again 
The ticking time bomb that is the clock
But for now we will not worry
About what tomorrow will bring 
We will let tomorrow worry about itself 
Just stay here in this moment 

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