Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Day the Words Stopped

The day the words stopped, or
A song without words

It was such an ordinary kind of day
The day we ran out of words
That no one would have thought 
That it would be the day 
We could no longer speak
The day the words ran out 
It started like any other
People were born 
And people died
And most people didnt 
Bother with either 
Angeline didnt worry about Trevor 
Who finally had slept through the night
Chris called Samantha one more time
Before she went to pick up the dress
And Olivia woke with the sad emptiness
That can only come the morning
After your sixth birthday 
They and billions like them
And you with me were there 
We had no idea 
That it would forever be the day 
The day our words ran out
And I had nothing left to say to you
And you had no more questions left
To ask me why I had stopped talking
What a curios day that was
The day the words ran out for us 

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