Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The "I" goes with the "me"
As "u" can clearly "c"
If you just turn your gaze
To figure A.3
And while this line
Moves forever towards y
It will never quite touch
No matter how hard "u" try
And the chord skips notes
Because what you "c" will never "b"
And no matter how sharp
The "I" still won't go with the "oui"
So remember the "amas"
When found in your table
And know it cannot be "amamus"
Because the isotope is unstable
And the intersection of two lines
Is simply a point or a dot
Even though in pointillism
We learn that lines are not
The thing that connect
The conjunctions all three
Are "and" and "or"
But "but" is still between
Sometimes big words
Can be broken down into parts
Such as "un" and "necessary"
And "broken" and "hearts".

Class dismissed

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