Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apropos Cafe

It's you again 
I'm sorry
I didn't realize you'd be here 
I mean you can stay if you want
It doesn't matter either way, I guess
You have every right to be here
I guess, I just wasn't expecting you

It's like I said before
I won't fight you
Even if I've spoken ill of you
I won't ignore you
Even when you decide to stop ignoring me

No there isn't someone else 
Just me by myself
Have you been as lonely as me?
No, that's never really been a problem for you
Maybe that's why it's so hard for you to understand 
To understand why

But it's like I said 
I still can't trust you
Even when I'm trusting you to break your word
I still might love you
Even if you decide to love me again 

It's you again
I guess I still don't expect you
But maybe it still doesn't matter anyway
I'm sorry you felt
That you had to die
And I'm sorry that you thought that was the best way to show me
To show me that you thought you loved me
I'm sorry it's You again 

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