Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In Loco Scriptorus

It is dynamic
Free flowing
All falling 
It is the rabbit hole
And it and I and we 
All of my children 
Scribbled in moments of ecstasy 
We are tumbling in an inverted tornado
We live in the perpetual mealstrome
At the bottom of the bathtub 
After the plug has been pulled 
Racing towards uncertainty 
There is no floor at the bottom 
Until you hit it 
So this is a time for inventory taking 
For hard decision making 
And the telling of untruths 
This is the time to look with perfect vision
While becoming deaf to their derision 
And the timing of things still undone 
The time to ask what would I do 
What would I be 
And be willing to give up 
In place of these jumbles of words in the air 
In place of the unborn children of my mind 
Trapped forever in the ether of my imaginings 
A weighty conscience for me then forever
While hurtling onward towards that certain uncertainty 
The ground will be there exactly when it means to be 

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