Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Song of the May King

The call rises from the dark forest
Like a flock of ravens disturbed
It wings on the wind like a scream
And settles cold in the veins of every ear

Come away, the end of the year
Come away and celebrate the May King

The song rises with the flicker of flames
The row of candles like fireflies on a string
They weave through tree trunks like pillars
Dark columns of a swart cathedral rebounding
Come away and here begins the fear
Come away and bring forth the May King 

The shout is suddenly like a gunshot 
And is followed by silence like a shroud
Like the silence of the cool before a frost
Like the heavy pressure pushing each word down

Come away, children do not draw near
Come away and do not look upon the May King

The drums pound like a heart beat
Like the heavy sudden runs of a convict
Increasing like a symphony reaching a crescendo
Climaxing in sudden beats upon the skins

Come away and listen to what you will hear
Come away and see what they do to the May King

The flowers fall like rain from spring branches
The petals make a carpet for him to tread
The incense is heavy in the air like water
Drowning thought into panic and manic laughter

Come away and join in the frantic dance here
Come away and join hands now with the May King

The knife is made of obsidian 
Black glass that can cut easily through bone
The knife glides fast as a fish in the river
Out of the water, into the air, and then gone

Come away and watch them leer
Come away to the death of the May King 

The blood is crimson upon white blossoms
Speckled paint upon the carpet white
Candles burn beacons in the darkness 
His gurgle dies into the silence of night 

Come away and now let us give our tears
Come away for the gone is the May King 

In silence they take their piecemeal departure
Like ravens biting of pieces of a loaf of bread
Until the small child is left asking so many question
And there is only one answer they will get 

Come away now, for it is all over 
Some day you'll know, when you are May King

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