Thursday, April 11, 2013

On the Nature of Things

Winter follows Fall
And Spring follows Winter
And so on and so on the dancers dance
Friday follows Thursday
And Saturday follow Friday
And the dance goes round its merry way
Change is constant
It never ends and never stops this is certain
Childhood comes and we must part with it
Put behind us the years of our youth
Adulthood comes and goes as well
The prime of our strength and song
The autumn of life then follows
The golden gleam at the end
This too must pass and all things die
And all things are born again
If you like
If it makes you feel better
But the circle goes on
And after we're dead they won't remember
And the world will turn and people will laugh
The dancers keep dancing
Evening comes after Afernoon
And Afternoon comes after Morning
The Waning after the Full Moon
And the Full after the Waxing
All things change and the change is constant
Like tides upon the strand
They rise up they give life
They fall back and everything dies in the end
Nothing is constant
Except for change
Embrace the new day
Knowing there will never be another like it
Let go of yesterday
And do not worry so much about tomorrow
Yesterdays will always come before todays
And tomorrows will always be waiting after
Everything changes except for change
Nothing is truly eternal

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