Friday, April 12, 2013

On Emotions

Emotion is not the enemy
Though logic would convince you so
Emotion can be the wind beneath your wings
Emotion can be the song enriching the victories
Emotion can be the wonder
Emotion can be the awe
But logic can lie about emotion
Try to bottle it up
And once you lock that door
It builds up inside your head
Swirls around and make you doubt yourself
Emotion is made for expression
So shout and yell and scream and laugh and sing
Whatever you do make sure that you sing
Let the emotion pour forth
And let them take flight on your voice's wings
These emotions will return and lie with your logic
In quiet slumber you will see the full circle
And the two shall make love inside your soul
And you will feel whole
Do not cage your emotion
Do not break your emotion
Do not hide the thing inside your head
Let it walk out and let it make its way
Let it dance and do not stop yourself from singing
Emotion can be a glorious thing
Emotion can be the song in the storm you sing
And when all logic fails you in the face of impossible loss
Your emotion alone will sustain your wings

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