Saturday, April 6, 2013

Are You Afraid

There is fear
Can you tell
Can you smell it
Can you breathe in the dusty sparks of the smoke in the air
Taste the copper on your tongue
And the way the wind tugs your hair saying
"Come! Come! We must go! We must away!"
You have not listened to the wind
You think that you are brave
For not listening to your fear
You have walked into a trap
And you know it deep inside
You have a mirror
And you sit by it like the Lady of Shallot
And you look at the world in reverse
And you look at the nights passing by
There is fear
You can see it
Almost present
Almost forming shape and taking body
Right in front of your eyes
There is fear
Do you fear it
Should you fear it
Fear the thing that makes your dream into the lie

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