Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Convert me
Take up the challenge
This can be fun
If I have to chase you
It only makes sense
That you'll have to do
Your own chasing too
Change me
I dare you to try
To try as you may
To change my mind
Don't worry so much
I promise I'll play fair
So will you come 
And give playing a try
Play with me
The dance is the same
I'm ready if you are
Show me you've got game
At least in the thrill of the chase
There is a rush
You cannot deny
So pick up your chase
Or try to keep pace
At the very least try
Engaging the lie
Anything over bordedom please
Or sitting quiet and contentedly 
So engage me
Try and rearrange me
Then enrage me
You say you can?
Then show me

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