Monday, April 8, 2013

A Dream and A Warning

The storm raged wild on the day you were born
And such a storm to remember
The sea iron grey foamed white in its anger
And the rain fell like ice that November
Yes, you my son, were born in the gale
As our longship rode through the night
Lightning forked through the clouds above us
And thunder carried your first cries at light
The gods do not love you my child
They broke our ships each and everyone
And the oracle said that to save our selves
I would have to give the gods you, my son
So I stood on the prow of the lead longship
As it rose and crested the mighty waves
Like mountains of grey-green water rising
To carry us all to our graves
Your cries of protest mixed with the gullcall
As the thunder crackled in the air
The ship rose up, ready to plummet
And I so I did what I did, but with care
You were taken by the sea's salty embrace
Not enough time even to give a cry
And at least I consoled myself it was quick
And that the gods had taken you when you died
But how was I to know then my son
That indeed the Strom-king was your foe
And that his brother, the Lord of the Waves
Had whispered those words of woe
So that when the Oracle demanded your life
It was he, the Sea King, who wanted you child
For his plot against heaven and against its king
Would be fulfilled when you had been beguiled
And so you were taken by the ocean
And into the subterranean halls you were received
And given to one of the Sea King's own daughter
To be raised by her until you were weaned
Weaned off of air and off of the milk of your mother
Weaned off the legs with which you were born
Changed were you child, in the Sea King's palace
Raised to be a warrior, the Trident that Strikes the Storm
I tell you this all now, here in your late sleep
On the eve of battle before you shall rise
Up out of the depths, armor dripping and sword ready
Commanding the waters and their forces to surpise
I beseech you my son, from my place in the shadowlands
I have passed years ago and now I can see
That the game the gods are playing with your fate
Will lead you down a path of dark destiny
Return to the waters, to the Sea King's daughter's embrace
Return to the breast from where you fed
Grow old, marry well, and have plenty of children
Then come and meet me here in the land of the dead
But do not embark on this mission of power
And do not head the Sea King's commands
For once you set foot back on the dry earth
You shall once more become a man
And with all the weakness and powerless plight
You shall be devoured by Heaven's Hound
Head my words, do not go in the morrow
Take wisdom while it may still be found

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