Monday, April 29, 2013

Song for Isimud

He sits in silence with himself
He is the man with two faces
And each looks the other way
And when one turns
So does the other
And it may be impossible
For them to see eye to eye
The one looks down
To the spot on the floor
Between his feet
And thinks about the Lord
waiting below
Who binds the waters
Beneath the earth
And who hovers in the darkness
Over the waters of the Apzu
And he wonders if ever
He'll be summoned again
If ever he'll be called
To tell His stories again
And he waits on the word
To fill his mouth once more
And as his one face looks down
The other looks up
To the spot in the ceiling
Right behind his head
And thinks about the Lady
Who rules above
Who died and descended
And who took the underworld's keys
And who rose again on Easter day
And whose consort Dumuzi was her scapegoat
And who ransomed all life for love
He knows that she loved him once
And he knows he loves her too
But not as much as he loves his Lord
And so he waits in his room
He waits to be summoned
By either of them
But no word comes from the Lord or the Lady
And he sits and wonders
If his eyes will ever see eye to eye
Even if they are on opposite sides of his head
And he thinks that maybe if he looks at it sideways
Maybe he'll finally see the big picture
And know which call to answer
If they ever come at all

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