Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Rise from the bedsheets
Spilled and twisted on the floor
The midnight battle
Writhing against the sought for dreams again
And brush your mossy teeth
Try and try to fix your hair
Embrace that there is no victory
In the bathroom mirror with the corner crack
Drive and don't remember that you forgot
To feed the plants and water the cats
To take that library book back
That today is actually a Saturday and you don't have work
His searching look and lingering eyes
That hungry desperation
That just wants you to say yes this time
And every time after that
Try not to make too much noise
Draw attention to the fact that you are late
Slip into the shadows and become
Invisible, you're not really there
When she tells you about her day
Make sure she knows where you stand
Draw the battlelines with white chalk
And in the no man's land let not a poppy bloom
As you sit in that cold living room
And they stair at you with hatefilled eyes
Slimy trails that leek down talcumed chins
Making sure you know your place
That you will not fit in
When the train comes to a stop
And everyone waits for you
To move to the back where you belong
With your mother on the phone
Who has never seen the point of it anyway
And who thinks you better come home
Beef and corn and green beans in butter waiting for you
And land on your tip toes
As the last tune of the song fades away
Dying in such faint forgotten echoes
Trapped in dark corners between ceilings and wood beams
For every time you questioned the joy
You feel when you are standing on the stage
That spotlike gilding over your shame
And your dreams arise once more like the phoenix egg
The letter that you would have sent
And make sure she knows you still care
Even if you will not listen anymore
To the poison she sends in cards with cats on the front
And make empty promises you won't keep
That you will not have a short memory
And that tomorrow will be a different day
When you will stay true to all your dreams
But not the invitation for one more drink
And do not let him call a cab for you both
Take the long walk home in your red coat
And enjoy the feeling of the night rain and alcohol buzzing in your blood
And wrap yourself inside your blankets
Tell yourself a good night story
And plunge your room back into darkness with a flick
And let the wheel start again

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