Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Valley Days

A misty valley. A gentle pool.
Running water. The birds sing soft.
In the shadow of the mountain.
The clouds aloft.

The morning sun colored
the mists. Silver gold.
The joy in the air. Laughing water.
The earth cannot hold.

Gold mist dances. The sun veil.
The day is bright and
beautiful. As mist and sun
go hand in hand.

But clouds came. Dark and cold.
Far they did appear.
Soon rain fell. The world crying.
Crying with fear.

The wind blew softly. A dying breath.
The world turned grey.
The mist fell upon the waters.
At the end of day.

Streaks of grey and pale yellow,
So pale was the air.
The rain-tears fell onward and
steady. Take care.

The sun set beyond the horizon.
United and far apart.
Night enveloped the world
again. Broken art.

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