Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Angelicus amorum meum

Angelicus amorum meum

Qua requis mea anglicus
Venio via sum secutus
Reperio oculum in noctis
Etiam periculim dominus

Where do you rest my angel?
I will find the way and follow
I will discover your eyes in the night
Even if dangers rule them

Multi hora diu ivitum
Locus semel iucundum
Pereo quod memorium
Et amis spes doleum

Many long hours I seek
The place that was once pleasant
I perish for that memory
And grieve for my lost hope

Habeo fugeo tui caelo
Ledo portas patefacio
Et genum amas oro
Quod si amas tum morto

Have you fled to the heavens?
I will pound open their gates
And beg on my knees for your love
For if you do not love me, I will die.

ex longus iter surgit magna amora
...vel facius malus, Deo?

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