Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the Bus Again

Rumble rumble goes the wheels
As people speak of how they feel
The driver gruff and ever vex-ed
Glares at each of the us seat-ed

One woman cries with empty tears
Of hopes, and love, and horrid fears
The divorce has left her down and broken
He got the house, the car, and children

Another girl cries unto her mother
Her doll was taken by her brother
The mother slaps him for another reason
His baneful sin, manhood treason

A man sits talking on his phone
He’s in the far back, all alone
He gazes at the floor and sighs
Just got the news, his father died.

On comes a girl, sweet dear thing
Stumbling as her own song she sings
Almonded eyes and free giving smile
She sobers all for a little while

Then another couple walks in
Their lecherous doing and vile sin
They hide not from the world but lo
In the seat across, the bro and his ho

Druggies, grandmothers, forgotten faces
Traveling faster to pointless places
They search the world for a sliver of hope
Anything to stop the pain, to cope

O how I wish to gather you all in
Show you the love that washed away sin
Point the way to the old rugged cross
Where healing and joy will come from your loss

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