Sunday, May 10, 2009

Too Much...

I humbly
Come before your throne
And ask
Not for
Anything anymore
There’s just too much
You know
Too much
And its all
Too much
For right now
I can’t go on
Its all too much
The pain
Too much
And the laughter
Is gone
Dear God
Too much
The pain and the song
The heart won’t go on
When the love has all gone
Too much
I know I was wrong
It was all too much
And too late it seems
To be enough
I followed your words
And now I see
That pain is coming
And killing me
You’re making me
Into a man
But the road is long
And the pain too much
Too much
Turn it down
Just a bit, just a tad
Cause it’s all too much
And I can’t go on

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