Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Update and An Apology

Well, I am half way done with Chapter 6, and half way done with Part 6, and completely done several other poems (in my head anyway), however, I won't be posting any of them until Friday at the latest. God, last minute, arranged for me to be one of the intercessors for the CBC conference, and so this last few days I have been fasting tv, secular music, writing, reading, internet, and arts in general. Obviously this doesn't include school work related reading, internet, and writing, but everything else has been put on hold, until Friday. For me the arts is one of my greatest areas of devotion, and giving that up during a season for God is one of the greatest sacrifices I can make. That's why you won't be seeing me here, or on facebook for a couple more days. Just wanted to let you guys know what's up!

-The Author

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