Sunday, May 17, 2009

Red Stains

Single, Red, Carnation
In a cup of glass
Wilted petals in the water
Turn to murky, scummy, red

Apollo sips this brew
Each ride the level drops
Water gone, caked scum remains
Red stains upon the glass

Will I daily add more water,
Draw from yesterday’s deep well
And let waters ever fester
With vile, undrinkable pollutants?

Shall I let Apollo drink,
Drink deep and take his fill
Letting all turn to crustedness
Hardened upon the walls?

Must I discard the wilted flower
Pour out my grievous flow
Till no single drop of red liquor
Stains these walls or Apollo’s lips

Yet more rain from cloudy eyes
Must then bless this crystal vial
Till no trace of red remains
Even washing memory

1 comment:

  1. Well, the meaning of this is a very deep metaphor, so here are a couple of hints for reading deeper:

    Apollo = god of sun = sun
    Apollo's rides = days = passage of time
    Rain/water from clouded eyes = tears = sorrow

    That should help you along. Also, the poem is to be read slowly, stopping between stanzas to think about the metaphors.