Friday, May 1, 2009


Be gentle with my heart
It’s the only one I have to give
And I’m sorry
Its not made of something stronger
Like hard stone or sharp steel
No, my heart is glass
Fragile glass in your hands
So please be gentle
With my glassy heart
It may not be strong
What it lacks in strength
It makes up for in size
And it’s growing, yes growing
One day at a time
To have more room to hold
So be gentle
With my growing heart
It flutters like a little bird
It’s still the heart of a child
But is that good or bad?
Please, take care
With my fluttering, growing, glassy heart
A heart’s a big responsibility
I would never give it lightly
If you leave it
If you forget it
If you drop it
And walk away from it
If you break it
And it shatters in a millions pieces
If you love it
What will you do with it?
Be gentle
With my fragile heart
I wish it could have been
But its not
So be gentle

1 comment:

  1. ...and yet again, you have done fantastic. your poetry of late has been very good! i think it might be because of a certain song i got stuck in your head for inspiration...? lol jk i think i know what movie brought this one on? am i right?