Saturday, May 23, 2009

I See It. I Think I Do.

I see it. I think I do.
Hovering on the very edges
Of Reality
Your hand. Your heart.
Your plan all along.
I think, I might, just barely
See it.
Caught a glimpse.
Of something divine.
Some kind of plan
Or purpose.
Touching. Breathing,
Barely there.
Hovering on the edges.
The edges of reality
And my life.
How You fashioned my heart
And set the time.
How You made the call
And called me in.
How You planned it all,
This is Your plan,
Isn’t it?
Was Your call, wasn’t it?
Why will not be asked
You planned
Your hands hovering
Barely touching
Your breath
Whispering desires in secret of
Sweetest night.
Enclosing night.
Night of nights when all was cool
And sweet and night
But now the sun has
Harshly shone
And I feel alone
But Your guiding hands
Still hover right there
Barely above
My life.
Shaping, forming,
Using all of this.
To make me more
Like You.
So hover on,
Breathe on
Touch on
Break on
Move on
Just be on
And in
And by
And with
And there

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