Monday, May 25, 2009

Partially Sonnetonous Lament of Need

Need is such a foreign thing
To cause the mouth no song to sing
But stops the mouth and burns the heart
Consumes the mind, blocks the art

Desires do not close compare
They wif and wafe like fleeting air
But Need, foul Need is solid sure
Need, of concrete, ever endures

Desires and Need interwoven weave
The life and love and memories
Desires whispering loudest noise
Need the silent screaming choice

Need the ravenous wolven fiend
O’er shadowing in the deepest dreams
Need that consumes the entire earth
Groveling man to lowest worth

Desire passes, does not remain
Desire dying in glorious pain
Need the grey shade of eternity
Need that makes Desire flee

As long as Need remains grasping firm
Of life lessons no lesson be learned

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