Saturday, May 16, 2009


The sweet ambrosia of life
Nectar dripping subtly
From the fingers of Venus
All that is good
And sweet
And strong
In the world
Plucked from Gaea’s
Dark rich soil
Filled with Hyperion’s
Fiery light
Drunk on Pontus’
Sweet hidden streams
Picked by angel hands
Of purest marble
A single, precious seed
Embodiment of Nature herself
Pressed and broken
Ground into the dust
Burnt and drowned
In fire, water, and air
And yet
As when you were born
Elements in unity
Now in your horrid death
The cosmos is reborn
Your resurrection brings
Blessing unto mankind
Upon you daily we build
All our plans and industry
Civilization rests
Upon your continuing death
So live, sweet Arabica,
Live and grow strong
Die, gentle Arabica,
Die and die each day
Let us feast upon your nectar
Upon the sweetness of your death
For when you are reincarnated
You are our divine ambrosia
And fleeting fountain of youth

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