Friday, July 31, 2009

A word can be the cruelest thing
When spoken out of time and season
A word can break the strongest heart
And form a never healing lesion
A word can sway the steady mind
Its influence is great indeed
A word can plant a secret hope
And crush that very self same seed
A word can have more power than
You may know or care to admit
A word spoken in carelessness
Has influence spreading far from it
A word has power and a heavy burden
A millstone for its careless user
A word can change a dear friend
Into a cold and heartless abuser

Beware your thoughtless spoken words,
Consider your hearer with care
For closed eyes or hardened heart
To those you leave so bare
These bitter tears you now sow,
In the reaping time, beware!

Fall is the truest time
For when once all trees were green
Soon will some wither and others remain
What was once hidden will be seen

1 comment:

  1. This is indeed a painful truth. Harsh and careless words are not easily forgotten. Yet somehow your poem makes even this subject beautiful! Well done :)