Sunday, July 19, 2009

Open Your Eyes

Sorrowful seekers in crimson snow
Where do the sky's tears run to?
When all the world was colored blue
and the earth shattered with your sighs

Glass is fragile when you walk upon
The sea that never ends its crashing
Raven feathers in her hair
Fell away with dawns burning light

When weaving tangled light chords
Wrap around your wrists, so warm
Can only that old crucifix
Break through these concrete shells

But run you did, yes run so fast
Across the universe of burning stars
So fast, so far, on this path to nowhere
Anywhere but there, where you saw your face

The crack broke clear across the sky
The burning light awoke your heart
The fingers tearing at your eyes
So that you might see once more

But then the light fell away
And once more you were wide awake
But yet you walked through the wide world
With eyes wide shut to everything

To passing angels on wings of bronze
To passing dreams from up above
To roads that led to brighter days
But you would not open your eyes.

But you will not open your eyes...

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