Monday, July 20, 2009

Sybilla Proxima

The seasons turn ever round
Summer is followed always by fall
The world turns without a sound
Ever changing, constant in all

The moon may wax and wane and die
The waves of the shore may come and go
But the cycle, nature's constant cry
Is unchanging in its circular flow

These days are like the days before
They feel the same as they once did
The nights we saw, we see once more
But their secrets now cannot be hid

The winds are changing in her heart
Once more the ripples upon the pool
And what was once a solid part
Will be shown to be the dream of a fool

He listens still to all the voices
And yet he heads only his own
Once more he'll make the same bad choices
This circle-path leading him all alone

Decisions now made at this crucial time
Will echo in the eternity's halls
The appointed cannot escape the rhyme
And one way or another will hear the babe's calls

The ancient things now rediscovered
Will bring life into these dark lives
But what will they do with the uncovered
Will fragile souls be able to survive?

Look to the eastern gate of the sunrise
Where the sky burns red with the dawn
For the day of destiny is marked with demise
And the fleeing of this young fawn.

Strong pillars of this house will crumble
The mightiest will all be brought low
Until only the foundations remain in the rubble
To begin anew, to let the trees grow

When the smoke of fires long kept hidden
Finally clears from off tomorrow's eyes
Then answer they the calls when bidden
This destined child's earliest cries

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