Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dying to Fly

Doresetic nights seep through the cracks
Of weary eyelids, striving with slumber
For possession of your soul
When the world tumbles down
Through the cracks in the pillows
Where will you open
Your eyes next?

They are coming, they are coming
They are getting ever closer
To finding the secret
You desperately hide
In that bottomless well
Called your darkest soul
Light a match
Let it in.

But then you will fall from this high precipice
Into the dark void of the unknown
What lies at the bottom, who can fathom?
Will comforting love catch you in pillow arms
Or will you break on the concrete of judgement
All alone in your world of sorrows
As their backs turn away
Will anyone stay?

No, the risk outweighs the benefits by far
The fear of falling will ground your flight
Wings clipped short by insecurity
You will remain, hanging on this branch
Jutting from the cliffs
Over the unknown
Never letting anyone
See you fly
The sun might melt your waxen wings
The moon may hide her light
Won’t guide you home
So your remain
All alone
On the cliff
Making friends with the moss
And your lonely sighs
Dreames die.

So… fly


  1. Amazing! Well written, as always!

  2. LOVE. That's it. Just one word. Also, Indescribable.