Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Friend

I watch you fall
Like sand through my fingers
I can't seem
To hold on to you anymore
No matter how hard I try
These wounds too soon forgotten
You break away once more
And don't return a single call
You're taking a path
Where I cannot follow
You're becoming a person
Who I've never known
Where once stood firmly
A pillar of integrity
Why could I not see
that you were made of sandstone?
When your life began to crumble
The hourglass has now been turned
The past cannot be unmade
Or wasted time recovered
But please, please. Please!
Hear my calls!
Don't waste your life
before it is over!
Don't throw away your future
because of the past!
Don't take a path
where I cannot follow...
Remember the days
When I was still called
Your friend.
Don't say it's all over
Don't say you're alone
Don't say its the end
It isn't
Since I cannot hold
On to you any longer
I will trust that my Jesus
has you safe in His hands
That He will lead you onward
Till you come back again
But until that day
Though it pains me to say
Goodbye until we meet again
You'll always be
My friend


  1. Beautiful...I went through this a while ago, and it's nice to have someone put it into words :)

  2. Love this..."sniff"...beautiful..