Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Too…

God is the flame
That illuminates yesterday
And makes the cold
Memories warmer
Collecting rains and streams
Of running emotions
All together
In His ocean’s of joy
So that in hindsight
All things are better
And easier to see

God is the breath
That fills the moment
Burning with energy
Birthing crisp life
Folding out its branches
Ripe with potential
Filling the present
With untold beauty
If we would only
See it

God is the hand
Holding out tomorrow
The everlasting hope
That all things will change
That no matter the present
Things can get better
Gathering all strings
To a single point
Closter to Him

God is the voice
Calling from eternity
In the long gone memory
Or the hope of tomorrow
So that in the moment
We may see Him behind
It all

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