Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A message wrapped in white words
Placed in a bottle of lead
Thrown into the oceans of the world
Tied with anchors about its neck
Why do I even hope it reaches you?

A whisper spoken in the darkness
Of the deepest ocean cave
With roaring waves about it
And the crack of thunders above
Will you ever really hear it?

Perhaps an echo can pierce the veil
Cut through the night across the sea
Break upon the brilliant dawn on sparrowing
To sit upon your windowsill
But would you even notice it?

What would I say to get your attention?
Tell you I love you and can't and don't and won't and want to and shouldn't?
What can I do to make you see the words?
Trace all your tears and just hold you tight?
But would you even understand?

I can sing words and paint pictures
I can weave meanings and point at symbols
I can spell it out and break it down
I can build it up and scream it out loud
But how do you explain what you don't understand?

Words bend, meanings break, thoughts disintegrate
And all that is left are two people
Standing on opposite ends of a chasm
With the means of bridging that large gap
But should all gaps be made whole?

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