Friday, July 31, 2009

By the lake again
Wooden house with wide windows
We watch the mist roll
Across the still waters
While birds are silent

Glass hearts
Can hide no secrets
That's why we hid them
Exactly there
While the world looks in

Through these wide windows
Into the empty space
Between the glass panes
Into the quiet air
Between these two panes

The tinkle of crystal
Of glass hearts barely touching
While secretive whispers
Slip through the cracks
The icy sound of silence

Timelessness is so unattainable
We shiver at its very mention
For here in between the window panes
Time cannot breath this quiet air
Here we are safe

But no movement, all is frozen,
To shatter the silent pains
No words can be spoken
Or else we break the spell
And time will invade the sacred

Solid glass remains eternal
And movements remain unmoved
While echoes never spoken
Quiver in this empty air
Between the two glass panes

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