Friday, July 3, 2009

Lonely Lullaby

There she stands
Outside in the pouring rain
There she stands
Trying hard not to show the pain
There she cries
And I don’t know what to say to her
There she stands
And begs for that old lullaby

About the prince that charged in
Just in a nick of time
Who swept her up
And told her all would be alright
Who gazed in her eyes
And told her she was beautiful
Wipe away the tears she cried
And she would never be alone

I watch her go
Through her days pretending all is fine
I watch her grow
Walking on for miles and miles and miles
But still she stands
Right on that same spot she stood before
And I cannot lie
It frustrates me to watch this old line replay

As she thinks she finds that prince
From her lullaby
And trusts her heart again
For who knows the how many-th time
And I just wanna scream
Or turn my back and not care anymore
But then I see the tears in her eyes
That loneliness inside

So, there she stands
Outside in the pouring rain
Trying one more time
To hold all her tears in again
I’d walk up beside her
Umbrella in my hand
To shelter her from this world
Until she runs… one more time

Please don’t misread
These lines from a man’s heart
This urge to shelter
The father, brother, husband’s part
Mine is a love
Pure, platonic but true
And this is why I cannot act
These things I would want to do

So while she stands there
I’ll stand beside her
And when they hurt her
I will hide her
Till finally she finds him
That missing puzzle piece
Only then ends my watch
When she finds peace