Monday, September 28, 2009

Think Before Thou Posteth

I would write a poem of love
To my darling heavenly light above
But ere spoken my words are undone
For fear they be taken by the wrong one
My heart etched words would too soon
Be picked up by the trembling pale moon
And seeing words of 'disc' and 'light'
Would on her wings of deep midnight
Rise with trembling heart in trembling hand
and shining eyes, before me stand
Holding out her still beating heart to me
Moved so by cupid's boiling sea
And then what would I dare to do
To speak to Luna a lie or the truth
For both lead down toward deaths door
And would break the moon forever more
So no words of love will I write to the sun
Here where they can be seen by everyone
Instead in the secret my heart once more
Will remain behind the misty door

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