Friday, September 25, 2009

Dreaming of Another Dawn

I dreamed of you last night
but not as you would wish
I dreamed you walked alone
Alone on that empty road
And as the rains fell down
They passed around your shaking shoulders
And not a single drop of rain
Soothed the ache of your dry skin

Those smiles of yesterday
Have all but passed us by
The words have now been spoken
And now your tears you have to cry
I wish we could go backwards
To the way the world was before
But its all over now
We've gone through the door

I dreamed of you last night
That this wind blew too hard
And the autumn leaves cut through you
Where used to beat your heart
And as the orange umbra about you
From the glow of these street lights
Softly tones your lonely way with sepia
It was all I could do but cry

These tears of your tomorrow
Will also pass you by
And the pain will grow less
With each long and heartfelt sigh
I wish we could go forward
To where my heart was always drawn
To once again laugh fearlessly
Instead of dreaming of another dawn

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