Monday, September 7, 2009

Should I Be One To Remind You Of Love?

This is the result of an internal conversation I have recently had with myself, in which I have begun thinking about the various aspects of my life and wondering about next steps. Being me, it obviously turned to the issue of love. And within me there is a part that really wants to capture love, as soon as I find it, and never let it go. To keep it and protect it and treasure it forever. But this is my knee jerk reaction to finding affection. And I never trust knee jerk reactions. So I further contemplated this feeling that I needed to "act on love before I loose it" and this was the result.

Should I Be One To Remind You Of Love?

Shall I remind you
As I have so many times before
That Love is not a feeling
Or what makes us step beyond this door
But that it is something
Much more ancient and powerful
Misused by many and understood by less
Love is panoramically blind
And so the lover blinds all around
And does not see what lies beyond the corners
Unless he or she opens their eyes
And see the truth for the lies

Shall I remind you that Love
Love is the freeing slavemaster
How many marks has Love not given you
Or was it truly love
Or your own hand that made those scars
Your own steps that brought those mars
Who will ever truly know…
Purhaps Love’s nature is perilous
Should that journey then be taken lightly?
Otherwise, if Love be truly gentle and kind
It is our own foolishness that brings Love’s demise
But then again, if our nature changes Love’s
Should Love be undertaken without some thought to ourselves?
Either way that this road may run
Love should not be taken in haste by anyone

And what of the threats that fall on blind ears
That Love unrequited shall too soon wither
But is that Love’s nature?
Is it fragile glass?
That is not truly Love
I hate to quote the ancient words to you
For I know that you know the deep magic well
But remember then, Love
Love is patient
Love suffers long, and is still kind
Love does not seek its own ways
Love keeps no record of wrongs
Love believes all
Love hopes all
Love ENDURES all
Love will conquer all
If this be truly Love
It shall stand the test of time

So, what do you guys think of my conclusion? This is in no way, shape, or form, my final decision on this matter. It is more accurately my current decision. But I would like feedback, as it helps me to think more about life, love, and the universe. ;)

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