Friday, September 18, 2009

Verbum Fugant

I opened my mouth to answer
But doves flew from my lips
To land upon your gentle curving heart
And croon there softly

I opened my mouth to object
But stones fell from my heart
And shattered upon the floor
And revealed an empty room

I moved my lips to cry out
But my call was drowned by the tears
Whose tears are these around my mind
Strangling my lips tonight?

I took a breath to whisper
But it froze with a louder thought
That if great care isn't taken
We are already upon the knife's edge

I tried to simple mouth the meaning
To sign my answer to your soul
But your rose tinted heart heard partly
Leaving me and the choice alone

So I sit in the empty room
Watching my choices wither and die
And now that I don't want to say anything
I know I have to say good bye

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