Sunday, September 13, 2009


Passera fair and ever fleeting
Flying upon your brown and black wing
You beat the air for fair tokens
The same song you ever sing

O Sweet Passera I hear your call
Your song has not fallen on deaf ears
I hear your heartbeat, understand your mind
Your hopes, and loves, and hidden fears

And Gracious Passera do not fret
I also know your heart is pure
You do not fear for yourself
But for another love that it may endure

Now hear, Passera, my words true
You’ ve played your part and done quite well
The veil will soon be parted and then
Time will all of these tales tell

But please, Passera, hear my plea
Do not stir the sleeping embers yet
For waking seed in midwinter’s frost
Will ensure no fruit the seed beget

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