Monday, September 14, 2009

Walking in Light

Took a walk today
Down the road of yesterday
And saw some old friends
Whose faces I’d rather forget
The road’s been a long one
Its stones have left many scars
But today as I walked this road
Faced the ghost of yesterday
And phantoms of my fears
I came into the dark place
That hovers eternally at the edge of my dreams
And threatens to turn all to nightmare
And when I walked into the dark place
I found that there was something new
A new life that shone forth
From where my heart once was
Before it was taken
And the light in my chest
Sprang forth into darkness
And burned the oiliness
Until all was changed to feather-light
And I walked out of the dark place
And the darkness did not touch my soul
And I stepped up from the deep place
And turned to face my fears
And saw no more the dark place
But a place of white misty edges
And realized, after much deliberating
That I am not the villain of this tale
I took a walk today
Down the road of my tomorrow
And as I take this walk
The Light will guide my path

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