Sunday, September 13, 2009

Coffee Tumbler

Coffee tumbler
Tall and narrow
You look beyond
The round lip of your edge
And see the world from a perspective
Higher than most, you think
As lips pay homage to you
But they drink from your soul
And feast upon your thoughts
Until you remain used and empty
No longer full of life
But you are no paper cup
You were not made to be discarded
After merely a single use
You are a tumbler made
To be refilled day after day
Strong edges define you
They keep you safe and warm
You are made specially
To keep this life inside
Warm and lasting and full of life
To daily be filled
And daily pour out
To withstand the day
And see the glorious night
You were made for cold mornings
When all else is frost
You were made for cool evenings
For those who keep the stars
You were made to last through everything
To endure, to be strong
You are the coffee tumbler
You shall overcome

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