Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Glass Coffins

Tracing crystal angels in the glass
Her breath fogged up the mirror's view
Was she too close to see outside
The walls she built of glass and snow

Snow white was a princess- ice as cold
Who ruled the world with mouth so bold
But despite her charm and virtue and class
She lay trapped there in her coffin of glass

Her pale white fingers yearned to play
And life ebbed lower with each passing day
But there she stayed waiting for him
Thinking with his kiss her life would begin

Show White was a prisoner -iron as sharp
Who ruled her life by a broken heart
Thinking the next or the next would finally fill
That void left by the apple-old forgotten kill

Now the problem with this princess
Is not that she's obsessed
For her yearning in Godly source lies
But how can she see him if she doesn't

Snow White, Snow White why are you still sleeping?
Little Princess why are you so quietly weeping?
Come on, get up, and open your pretty eyes
Before Prince charming rides on by

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  1. I really liked this one...just thought I'd let you know.