Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Toxic Conversations

So shall we sit and speak of other things
Of sealing wax and cabbages and whether we have wings
Lets turn the tv off
Lets sit a while and talk
Lets make eye contact long
And just not mention
The unspeakable thing
There is a topic
It's toxic
And I know eventually we will visit it
And as we writhe in the toxic ooze
The radioactive sludge drip neon green from our bare skin
Rivulets of poison run off us like rain showers
Acid stinging the corners of our eyes
When we rise from the hazmat spill 
Our skin glowing yellow with radiation
And our hair sparking with hydrocarbons
Will you still kiss me then 
When you realize that I do not believe
In the existence of Alaska
Will you still kiss me then 
When you realize I need to see
And sometimes I accidentally do
Will you still kick me when 
I bow down to your iron will
And worship your cast gods
Then what 
Words and words and words
And the breaking apart of things
And the flight of happiness 
And the deep darkness of disspair
Pain too 
And this one thing
I am no prophet
The greatest prophet of the future is the past
Can we reconcile our pasts
Let us sit then and speak of other things
Of ships and sails and ceiling wax and not the King of Kings

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