Saturday, March 16, 2013


When I am with you
I feel
As I have not felt for so long
It goes beyond
And I fear this love
For it is a thing so delicate
I think
What if you were snatched away
A car accident
Or the drawn out process of slow decay
After a doctor visit
And a malignant prognosis
Or what if you should suddenly stop
Feeling this way towards me
As suddenly as you started
Or slowly grow cold towards me
As I slowly grew to love you
And what if love abandons us both
And we sit in silent self hatred
And spend the next forty years
Lying side by side and not saying anything
There is so much fear wrapped in you
But I can only feel it when we are apart
I feel indominable
And I feel that I would never leave
And all would be well
And of course I fear you do not love me
Not as much as I you
I fear so many things
And their source is you
And their source is me
And I am sorry that I fear you
And I'm sorry that your love brings out the fear inside of me
And I don't really know
What's stronger
or Love

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