Thursday, March 28, 2013


She sits in a Parisian cafe 
And dreams of England 
Holds the cup close
And breathes in spice from India
And thinks about the boy in Alabama
And thinks about the summer in Hawaii
And wonders about the friend she left in Australia
And wonders about the friend who left her for Australia
And all these things bring her closer to the unsettling feeling
That things are much larger than she knows
And that she has a small time here
And she has not done enough
So she stands out in the London rain and watches the sky
As the sunlight slants sideways through lances of rain
And she thinks about how her best friend died
That day in the carcrash in the Arizona desert
And how her mom is sick in a hospital in Hawaii
And how her friend in Australia met her friend in Australia
And wonders if they will have a boy or girl
And whether her nail color is too bright
And whether she will ever meet Mr Right
And wonders about the boy she left in Alabama
And tells herself she does not miss him
And then she stands on the bank of the Mississippi
It's nightime and the air is thick like syrup
A glow of a tent to her left comes with shouting
And singing and the laughter of children 
The smell of caramel corn and firelies mix in the air
The smell of the river mud and the hair of the boy from Alabama greet her
She does not turn to face him
She cannot bare to see his eyes again 
She wishes she could touch him
She wishes she could let him know she is there
He is sad as he looks off into the distance
The moonlight flickers back at them on the water
And he stands on the edge of the pier 
His long fingers buried in his pocket
And he talks to her as if she is there
And he tells her that he feels so guilty
That he wished it had been him and not her
That he wished they had stayed home that night
And that he wished there were no drunk drivers
And he steps off of the pier and says her name
And she is with him
The world is blue and brown and black
The world is soft and cool and slow and thick
The world is finally quiet enough for him to hear her
And bubbles fly from his mouth at the sound of her wings
"I missed you too."

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