Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rock and Sand

He is constant and unchanging
He is fixed and never fading
He is strong and unmoving
He is sure and untouchable
At least that is how they say it
But can you ask yourself if that is true
Then why was there inconsistency
Why the change that occurred time and time again
How could things once fixed be undone
How could things once important fade away
Look at the picture He has painted
Read the story He had them write for you
Would you think of it as unchanging
When He told Hezekiah you will die
And Hekekiah cried and begged for more time
And He changed his mind
This is one example of many
Argue it if you like
It is the truth
Either He does change and change His mind
Or the one who wrote those words did not write His words
Either is an unsettling answer
And do you know why?
Because life is so unstable and unsure
We long for, we crave the feel of certainty
We desire and need a sense of the sure
And this would remove a foundation of stone
And replace it with a foundation of sand
At least, until that sand is made into cement
Until that cement dries and is suddenly better than stone
Sand can be worked and strengthened to concrete
Sand can be refined and made into beautiful glass
Stone limits and can only be chipped away until nothing remains
Until the stone eventually becomes sand
Sacreligious as this may sound ask yourself this
What did Abraham and Enoch and Noah and Melchizadeck have to look to
They had no stone and only sand
And yet they were called "Blessed" "Favored" "Friend" and "Righteous"
So maybe sand is not the problem here
Maybe it is okay to question established rules
To question their actual morality (no I will not cut off your hand)
Maybe it is okay for things to change
Yes this applies to "current events" (not to be subtle about it)
But it applies to everything that comes after
This is a conversation we must have
If we don't switch to sand and learn to work it then all too soon our rock will weather away
And we will have nothing but sand and uncertainty to stand on

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