Monday, March 18, 2013

A Contest of Derisions

The back and forth
Its a conversation
Its a new addition
Its a convocation
And so frustrating
No one wants a fight
Because everyone wants to fight
And when no one is willing to let go
And when no one wants to be a loser
It means everyone loses in the end
Can she bare loss?
Can she endure the strain of time's gravelly flow?
Can they sing about each other?
Can they remember why they even came?
It is an argument
It augments
And it strains their private space
With notes and chords of malcontent
And the constant heartbeat of a song
And dischord of their minds
Shall the muses then sing
Shall they loving remember
The way that these words flew
As arrows and missles and never like a dove
Because the wings were dark ones
Ones of death and destruction
And the end of a small life
Maybe they should not speak
Can he do that to her?
Can he seal his lips, and his heart, and his mind?
Can they sit in silence instead
And no more talk such barbed sweet nothing
And no more break each other like waves on the rocks
But it would take so much
And maybe just some luck
Whose will be greater
Why did they ever make this a competition
Instead of a conversation
She should ask
And he will never

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