Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Diotama's Ladder on a Rocking Chair

A rocking chair
In an empty room
Where two lovers once talked of love
Never made love
Never could find that magic switch
To turn the wheelchair off
And the lights on
And make this prison a home
So instead they listened to the Preacher
And found the flaws in Lysistrata's ending
And found the flaws because they had no ending
But there are some movies they could watch
Escape through a silver screen and a small pipe
But the end was still just out of their reach
Because a rocking chair
They just wanted to rock that chair
But the wheels keep sliding
Across the floor even when it's locked
And the brakes keep breaking
And the floor won't be shaking
And the neighbors won't be complaining
Because they want to rock that chair
That rocking rocking chair
Make it electric
And light up their worlds once again
So they'll make jokes about paralysis
And they'll make light about the chairs
Because its easier to talk about it from afar
Joke about it like its not their problem
And make out as if they aren't both paralyzed
With fear of the future and that rockless chair

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