Sunday, April 26, 2009

The strangest poem I've written to date...

So according to my computer the last time I edited this poem was in later Feb, begining of March. This is odd, cause I have almost no memory writting it. Its one of those things that I wrote late at night when I was too tired to think or process or filter or inhibit. It is raw emotion. Raw energy. Raw craziness. Be warned, this is not meant for those with heart disorders, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. ;)

Crazy crazy crazy crazy bus!

Through time and space the walls collide
The barring teeth of candle light
The teapot fills with music notes
And no more clouds caught in the smoke

When thimbles rain from evergreen heights
The pencil fights the mighty key
And the paper shields the eyes of sour
Then comes the dreaded rock hour

Where is the bird and where is the comb
Why is there none and no one a home
Question marks spinning in tornadoes of flame
No periods to find or call by name

The dagger drops onto the slate
Where ever dwellers no more can find
The Light was there was gone was true
Now none can see where abide hate

Seek the lame of tongue to scourage
The blackened hearts bleed ever strong
Why can they see not roads to wrong
The surge of splurge not so absurds

Beating, breaking, bowing, blowing
Roughing, raking, ramming, rowing
Can’t find the canter ever slowing
When seething, slashing, scourging, soaring

The castle
Does it matter?

Question mark spinning in a vortex of grey
No periods to point the way.


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  1. That is the most random poem I've ever read. I like it!